MA (03/23/88 / Oaxaca..)

Ready To Go

On that rainy night.
Gloom rained over the world.
In my heart I overflowed with joy.
But something felt wrong.
I hit the bottom and It hit me the hard way.
That my love isnt the one you seek.
And I knew this before but love made me foolish.
And the saddest songs make me weak.
And I wanted only to be seen by you.
But you seek better loves than mine.
And I watched you smile, I watched you laugh.
Even though it hurt me. I knew you were happy.
Somehow that made me content.
That night i thought I wasnt going to share a smile with you.
But out of the blue.
Our souls clenched.
And your ravishing beauty embraced me.
And that night for a long time.
I forgot about that city that cried a lonly song for me.
And I held on so tight to that instant.
It felt to me as an eternity.
I felt like the happiest man alive.
But with that i opened my eyes to see.
The truth of the reality.
You were snatched from my grasp.
It wasnt how I wanted it to be.
As long as I wanted that feeling to last.
You were gone.
And it hurts you know. It hurts to want someone you cant have.
But Somewhere along the line I was ready to accept defeat.
Even though it will hurt me so.
Im ready to let go.
Its no ones fault.
Its just how things are.
I was feeling restless and alone.
But that sweet innocent kiss.
That left a numbness on my cheek.
It changed alot of things.
My mind and my heart were at peace.
I felt a sense of overwhelming joy.
And that was what made my night so enchanted.
But reality says I need to go on.
I need to stop living in my own hopes.
It will be tough. But I know if i try hard enough.
Day by day I hope and I pray.
To see you only as a good friend.
Even though my heart cries and hurts deep.
I hope soon to conquore this pain.
In hopes that soon my heart will live again.
And with that I close this chapter.
I back away into the night.
Try to live life with a smile.
Im trying to move along...

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Very beautiful write from the heart. I was there too some time ago we all were i think in love and i hope for someone who we cant have the way we wish but it always worth to love and try and believe that somedays this dreams we have come true, and even if they dont it doesnt matter after all, dreams and love still are beautiful and if one dream is lost another will come for sure :) Great write from the heart I really love it :)