Poem By John Perreault

The Venus Fly Trap

(1) A Beautiful Plant!

Its dark green leaves form a low symmetrical rosette. Each leaf is tipped with a lovely pink trap.

(2) Eats Flies And Insects!

Each pink trap contains a bit of nectar. It is this color and sweetness which attracts the unsuspecting insect. Once he enters the trap, it snaps shut. Digestive juices then dissolve him.

(3) Eats Flies And Insects!

When the insect has been completely absorbed, the trap reopens and prettily awaits another morsel.

(4) A Beautiful Plant!

Traps will bite at - but not off - 'more than they can chew.'

(5) Feed It Raw Beef!

If there are no insects in your house, you can feed the traps tiny slivers of raw beef. The plant will thrive on such food.

(6) Instructive For Children!

Youngsters especially will enjoy growing these exotic plants. And if, somehow, you can convey the thought that many of life's alluring enticements can prove to be traps, you will have made a priceless investment!

(7) Easy To Grow!

They thrive in glass containers and develop traps in three to four weeks. They will beautify any room in your house.

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