Reaffirm Your Oath

R-eaffirm your oath,
E-arly second of January;
A-im to confirm your task,
F-ollow the rules of your duty.
F-irmly reaffirm your oath,
I-nstead of having reservation;
R-aise your right hand in meekness,
M-ildly perform your function.

Y-es, reaffirm your oath,
O-bey God to your heart's content;
U-sing faith, hope, and love,
R-enew your sacred assignment.

O-pen your heart and mind,
A-s you speak in mouth and throat;
T-ake a breath in making a swear,
H-ave to reaffirm your oath.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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Humility! ! In meekness. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.