Poem By Kiona Pearson

I am a word
That ends in a tilde~
and begins with, 'KYO! ! ! '

My entrance is an adored phrase
And my exit a promise to return
Existence revolves around {NAME}{: }

Long hours of fingers for tongues
Building story lines in a story not just my own
Everyone hangs on the next press of the ENTER key.

XD; LOL, that is great!
Words reserved for text-based happiness
Absurd, silly, lewd, no boundaries ever set up or exceeded.

Friends that are text
Colored fonts and avatars our voices and faces on the screen
We sign off, feeling as real as real can be.

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The Vile Acts

In deep sea fair thee far off gloom
and heart sunk cold in loamy lay
Of vile pierce and jab and bite
Bring forth the blood to slay

Love Of The Elements

I Love You.

I love you like the sun loves the Moon, shining on her even in darkness.

What Dreams Seep

They are what dreams seep
wounds of molten gold to inject their value
they're the far away escape for which one never grasps 'soul'
They are of the unfurling

When The Earth Meets With The Clouds

When the sun meets the oceans end, the dolphins all rejoice
it sinks below the deep dark sea, it finds the mermaids voice

When the earth touches with the clouds, it lets its love be shown

Where I Am From

I am from the beach
The summer spent in swimsuits
Evening dips and parties,
Meant only for family.

Endless Edge

I'm unstoppable
the Mephistopheles
of inhospitable
a philosophical