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Real A Lie
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Real A Lie

Poem By David Lacey

Tell me is it Real a Lie? Wont you come a little closer to reveal the sky?
Through dirty crowds she burst through gathering clouds.

I just can’t think in this heat, I need to get off my feet.
Sink into cool, cool calms of shade.

Think like a genius to act like a fool,
Always bending the rules, they hammered into us at school.
Beneath giant palms we could go fade,
sink into cool, cool calms of shade.

I'll have it on the rocks, laid out on the sand,
I'll wait for you by the docks to take me by the hand.

Across oceans of eternity, we'll plummet to the depths of this land
if only we could avoid it, if only I could take you by the hand.

A small pang of regret, better off to live and forget
better off to live as it’s life we’re living.

You don’t have to forgive me, You don’t have to receive me,
You don’t have to believe a word I say.

Here we begin, for the cycle to start a new,
I've felt this way before, too many times,
its all downhill fro here my friend.

What I would give to hold you, just once, to let you know the way I feel,
Just for you to tell me, is it Real a Lie?

Hush now baby, baby blue,
These tears I've shed everyone for you,
all I’m asking, is it Real a Lie girl

Hit me, where it hurts, don’t you k now I like it when she hurts,
Skin so easily bruised it may have been that of a peach.

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