Remember Me When I'M Gone

Remember me when I’m gone
Don’t just remember the rants and raves
But the joys and love that I gave.
Remember when our hearts were young
And they beat as a heart of one.

Remember the walks in the parks
And when we would kiss in the dark.

Remember me when I’m gone
That throughout your life
My love will linger on.

When you feel as if someone is
Pulling at your heart strings
And you feel like it’s a tug of war
Look deep in your heart and you will see
That the one pulling those strings is me.

Remember me when I’m gone
when your heart feels like it’s about to burst
And the pains seem to get much worse.
When you feel your soul has found an escape
And has gone to another place.

When you go to bed and can not sleep
And you toss and turn and begin to weep.
That is when you will remember me
And in your heart, my love you’ll keep.


by louis rams

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Speak to the Heart Inc.Group admin the rhythm an rhyme! nice....also good way to look at sleep as our saving grace! 1 Manage Like · Reply · 6m
Anas Sani Alhassan Nice.... 1 Manage Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry · Reply · 3m
Ata Waahidi Ata Waahidi great enough! many thanks for... 1 Manage Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry · Reply · 1m
We don't pluck But are definitely struck By their devoted appearance And probably more by their fragrance
Yasaman Johari wonderful, i love it 🌷 1 Manage Like · Reply · 5m