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Love Hurt
Avvaiyar (1st - 2nd Century CE / Tamil Nadu / India)

Love Hurt

Love juices oozing out
slowly and spontaneously
From my body
Being hurt
Where, unknown to me
The pain, the agony, the plight
Mixed with ecstasy
I rejoice everything
For being hurt
By love itself
I know
Someday or the other
I will succumb to my doomsday
Prematuredly without love
I accept with all my senses
For the cause
I love, my love!

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

Comments (5)

" Where you are neither slave nor servant." Reminds me of T.S. Eliot's " still point." Great job! Thanks for sharing. : -)
I want summary of it
In the Real freedom topic, you just made it more fabulous lyrics. Really superb all your poems are. You just make us always Proud ! Dear Avvayaar Madam. You are the real Genius lady poet of our land. So lot many salutes to you Always!
.....wonderful poem...excellent message ★ Liberated and where you are not under any command and where you are neither slave nor servant…
''neither slave nor servant…'' yes, a free man.. but how few of them, even (and especially) today!