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Real Goodbye

This maybe my second and last email to you,
How I really wish to continue my word of ‘friendship’,
But I feel it doesn’t work,
After I read your last email to me, I make a decision
The decision maybe too painful but it has to be done,
We both know that we are the same,
And nothing we can do about it…
All I can offer is friendship
Nothing more as deep as the word.

You are special,
Every time I received emails and poems from you,
Would you believe I feel delighted and lucky?
No one else had ever done to me the way you did,
Those were kept as my remembrance from you.
From you who taught me how to think maturely,
Your efforts were earned,
And the respect,
I have for you is unending.

You are the person,
Who, I will never look back,
Will never look forward,
Will never look at my side,
Because you are the person
Who, I will always look up…

This maybe a real goodbye,
I do not wish you pain neither tormented you,
But saying goodbye from me,
Could be the cure you are seeking,
Thanks for everything…
Take care of yourself. God be with you, always
Your sweetness brought you here in my heart,
Do remember.

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