Real Life


Bottom line is, new world to be installed!
To bring back the state of nature what I called! !

Every human will get the real life in the nature!
Re-installation the past would be main adventure! !

No more for newer invention for destructions!
Brains will be used for medicine and food productions!

Babies will be big and will make no more than two!
Production of babies in fist 3 years of marriage will be NO! !

We can live peacefully without armament and fight!
We can prove our superiority by thinking right! !

Concentration in agriculture for foods, crops to grow!
If animals can live without weapons same we can do! !

Yes, for a better world, disarmament is a must!
Those killer machines quicken our deaths too fast! !

Weapons and unjustified court systems will be end!
In the new world, production of evils will be banned! !

by Chan Mongol

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