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Real Love
JC (07/04/1989 / )

Real Love

Poem By J.D. Crockett

you may ask is my love real?
lets take a look at how you feel
whats more important what would you do?
to make her happy move somewhere new?
would you do anything just to see her smile?
and even if it hurts will you change your style
would you give up the things that mean the most
thats what love is and I don't mean to boast
but I've had this kind of love and even though it hurts so
sometimes love is when its for the best leting go
sometimes you must make choices about what is the best
and when you can do that then you've passed the test
you have achieved real love when you let them go
and even though they might not come back
hey at least you took your best crack

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Divine love- love that comes out of the feeling-Love all, Serve all- Help ever, Hurt never- will be real love!