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Real Love
JP Jona PoloRamirez ( / Canada)

Real Love

Love that sprang out of lust don't last
Just as love that sprang out in a flash
The glow it flashes suddenly don't last.

Love has many of its facets in life
Often we find it the cause for which, we survive
The many trials we have in life.

Love that springs out of selfish needs and wants
Often hurts us and the one we profess to love.

But love that springs out of our heart and mind,
Though not materially given and acquired
Illuminates in us the things we can achieve by heart
For the sake of the one we profess to love.

Thus love is...
Not expecting anything in return
Not questioning one's own reason for helping
Not wondering why things has to be that way
Nor asking oneself why love has to be what it
Should be...

Rather love is...
Giving without expecting anything in return
Doing good things for someone without knowing why
Taking it as it is even if it means a sacrifice.
It is caring without mental, emotional and spiritual
Reservations, doing everything for this world and make
It a better place to be...

For love is...
Finding beauty in every being and things we see
Liking everything among the unlikely
Finding love among the unlovable
Putting light into darkness
Painting colours on anything that's dull
Writing wonderful thoughts for others to read
Being concerned with other people's welfare
And sufferings, enhancing our children's welfare
Before our own, respecting other people's values
And beings, expressing our appreciations
That really comes from the bottom of our hearts, and
Saying those loving words we honestly mean to say.

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