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Real Love Is...
WK (March 22,1957 / Metaire, LA)

Real Love Is...

IT'S NOT Hugs & Kisses or even the spoken words
although those are often its outward signs.
IT'S NOT about Caresses and physical touching
although these help it grow and indeed keep it alive.
IT'S NOT playing games with another's heart.
nothing else could be more cruel.
Say what you mean and mean what you say.

IT IS putting the needs of the one you love above your own.
but remember to ask if your needs are not also met.
IT IS trusting in the other
often without any tangible reason why.
IT IS patient
we all often do or say stupid things.
IT IS unconditional
sometimes the other doesn't love back. It's still Your LOVE.
IT IS forgiving
even when you don't think the other deserves it.
IT IS remembering the good in another
even if it seemed that there was more bad.
IT IS knowing when to let go
real love doesn't try to smother or prevent growth.

Marital love is very special; it takes TWO
each working to make the OTHER happy
It is in giving that we receive
each completing the other
two shall be as one; we are truly whole in marriage
each respecting the other
in a truly equal partnership
each remembering to lovingly ASK for needs not being met.
none of us are mind readers (all the time)
The hardest kind of love is unconditional.
Although very real, it is not marital.
Walter Killeen
(c) January 17,1998

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