' Real Love, Will Always Rise... '

Real Love, Will Always Rise
Surreal Love, Can’t Survive
But Real Love Realize
It Must Reach Up To The Skies …

… Like Bright Moons and Silver Stars
Beyond Mystery (or Emotion-Scars)
To Be Better, Than We Are
We Rise On Occasions – So Far

Look: This Point Is Very Plain
There Is No Rainbow, Without Some Rain
A Clean Seed, Is Put-Dirt-Down
So Love’s Blossom, Bursts From Ground

And Worms, In Cocoons, Are A Guise
See The Wings Lift, On Those Butterflies!
In Deep Winter, Earth Gives Cold Replies
But Wait ‘Til Spring and Summer Highs

Yes, Love, May Lay Dormant For Awhile
That’s Just Its Stage and Spectacular Style
So Do Not Worry About Tear-Dropped Cries
Pain Dies … Under Love’s Towering-Prize

When Real Love Leaps Thru The Door
Real Love, Was Worth Waiting For
And If Buried Beneath Stone Floor
Your Heart Will Pound Up and Soar!

Yes, We Must Fall, Deeply In Love
To Feel The Ecstasy, Of Rising Above
Every Shadow Of Darkness’ Demise
Gives Way To Glorious SunRise …

Yes, Real Love, Will Always Rise:
Like Electric, Powers-Up and Energize
Like A Fighter, Who Gets Up and Tries
Like A Climber, Says To Mountain’s Size

Like Sleepers, Awake From Bedsides
Like Life, From Womb, At Last Arrives
Like ‘Our’ Child, Raised Up To Be Wise
Like A Desert, Grows Up Into Paradise …

* Like The Christ … After The Sacrifice
So, Don’t Be So Stunned-Surprised …
… Real Love, Will Always … Rise!
So Arise … Arise … Arise

Written & ©: 4/2/10

By: The MoonBee

by MoonBee Canady

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