Real Men Don'T Cry

Since you went home, days turned to weeks
and weeks to months, and I'm still crying, at the sight,
the touch, the smell of things that once were yours,
and feeling lonely, even when surrounded
by those that mean to cheer me up...

I've found that crying gives but scant relief at most,
for pain that overwhelms all senses, like nothing did before.
So, must I heed that stern reminder of my Dad, when he
took me behind the shed, 'Real men don't cry! '?
I'm trying, but to no avail, my angel......

by Willem VanVoorthuysen

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Comments (2)

The tough love aspect of your poem isn't reciprocated in my life, but damnit do I ever connect with it. The world these days is not made for someone who openly weeps or shows emotions. Everyone is either strong or weak, but never, ever balanced. It's been through expressing myself in phrases, words, and poetry that I've realized I was meant to cry. Especially about loss. Especially about women. I admire you, Sir. 'Real men' do what feels right. 'Real men' exist in people like you. Thank you for this.
This is very well crafted. I enjoy simply spoken poetry. Lovely! Kind regards Gyp's