LE ( / Tennessee)

Real Men Of God!

Real men of God
Real anointed I call
All this other stuff
Won't stand but fall

No more playing church
This is the end time
I call all my warriors
In this day of crime

Only the strong will survive
All strong in the Lord
The weak is the world
And will die by the sword

I am Almighty God
The head of a mighty army
You are the body
No room for the weak and tardy

Calling real men of God
Real ministers of Christ
Real anointed prophets
Real elders and wise

Calling young men of visions
Real men of dreams
I said in the end time
These things you would see

I am your commander and chief
I am ready to do battle
A real war of souls
No more fences to straddle

Take my words
I give through the pen
Your mission I call
To tell all men

I am the real God
This is a real war
Calling real men of Christ
In the name of the Lord

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