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Real Men

He said to his mates real men don't write poetry or walk out with their women hand in hand
And he swallowed some more beer and then he added these cissy blokes I do not understand
They go to concerts but never to watch football or other games in which real macho men take part
You don't see real men going to the theatre or hear them talking about literature and art.

To him real men have never been to college, not one of those he know has a degree
And just like him his mates don't give flowers to their women or on their birthdays take them out to tea
Or wine and dine them in an uptown restaurant and with them talk of movie stars and literary greats
No real men after work go to the local to talk football and drink beer with their mates.

Real men don't go to operas and ballets or watch those silly soapies on T.V.
To socialize real men go to their local and with what he says his mates don't disagree
Birds of a feather always flock together and to that you can add each to their own
But then how would he recognize a cissy if the friendship of real men he's only known..

He says real men do not go out bird watching their type as men he do not classify
And to Joe his mate he says these are not real men as real men are down to earth like you and I
And at the pub with his mates every evening he talks of wrestling, boxing and football
But never of art, literature or netball for he lives in a Man's World after all.

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