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Real People
RD (September 4,1984 / Philippines)

Real People

I hear people bragging that they’re so great
Some of them boasting how richly they’re made
Others shouting that they’re heroes by far
Lies, they knew deep in their hearts

I see people flaunting cars, jewelleries and whatnots
Some of them showing off like there’s no tomorrow
Others dressing up for their own funerals
Swaggering halfwits who know nothing at all

Others have been saying that they’re so fine
Others have been asserting that they’re quite grand
Others have been crowing that they’re so darned successful
Without knowing that they were just fools

Time after time they talk like this
Where ever you go, you can find them there
Fooling each other like worthless clowns
Looking for things that cannot be found

If you want to see the real kind of people
Try to look for someone that's simple
Without airs, without frills
Without need for self-glorification

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