(January 01 / Earth?)

Today... 'The Deliverer'

'Who shall deliver me? ' Was my great cry
because this sinful man deserved to die.
There out of Zion came the blessèd One
God's precious and Only Belovèd Son.

Great Deliverer from the gates of hell
of Gentiles and children of Israel.
For God has made a covenant with them
to remove their sins and not to condemn.

And that covenant has included me
He's removed my sin and iniquity.
This sinner impossible though it seemed
by the Deliverer has been redeemed.

For You have promised to present me Lord
washed and made clean by Your precious blood.
Without any spot and so clean and pure
You are my Lord and great Deliverer.

Don't be ignorant of this mystery
He has removed all godlessness from me.
Israel shall be saved and Gentiles too
let's not harden our heart as others do.

(additional background information is provided in the Poem's story box below)

by Roy Allen

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