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Real Woman

I'd need a real woman
No plastic
No time to play with toys, or matchsticks
Plus I'm abstinence
Established tactics to take my joy
By satan's form, gigantic, the strangest courses
I ain't a judge, but major thorns, it's drastic
Not just them, but her that'd take my life
Such hate my kind, I'm talented, handsome
That's in my Savior's eyes
So haters sly and scandalous, prying to find my fragments
Dying, such mad if I can manage
Sand from damage
In peril, exposed the framings, it don't matter
Like I'm challenged for
Passion, observe my actions, under false pretense, to ravish the Master...
In favor of some evil stuff, what doesn't gather, just scatters
The devil hate when Light is manifest, to Christ
My hands connect
Ain't writing for a cult, although some'd know, but still command
My death
I still was praying for best, stranded, Scripture said what's next
These antichrists are stalking me, to kill me, so I can't express...
The glorious Light of the Almighty
Such is ill-intended, warned that I don't have a home
That's straight ‘cause I got spirit riches...
I been in search of some stability though rigged intensely
What's sophisticated, ‘gainst a one, because the Scripture
A vast majority that want to see me ended quickly
Not because I started nothing, just because the Spirit in me...
And they be lying on God to keep some type of image pretty
I don't know that person either, I just know this wisdom written...
Harming me won't give them wings back
Harming me won't put it back up under God
Such can't see that...
And torturing me won't heal the damage that the schemes add
Mammon chosen over God
It ain't my fault, I mean that...
I'd need a real woman, not someone that keep playing
Some wondering what I'm on, I'm sober, just so they can ease past
To disinvent me, deemed last, while such just build from rip me
Funny how I just emerge from my cocoon, I'm meals specifically
Don't kill this Light, don't care I suffer, just if still can die
To fix me, so live deprived, below, what God had sealed for my
Existence, so somebody else can benefit, humility, I feel
But that is not authentic, treacherous, the Spirit heals...
Through Scripture still, I visit in the thirty first of Proverbs
Somewhere, being fulfilled...
Some things revealed, ain't no way some fruits should still be here
And threatened by what love the devil just to help the sins congeal
Actions speak, but words hold power, like in Genesis...
Some sought destruction just to hide the purpose in the midst...
Or call it worthless to exalt the filth so many's tricked
I see so many souls, I feel familiar, it's the Spirit's real...
But such knew better
Christ was what my life was built around
Don't need a special scientist to see that Light is what is it
The miracles enough, some say you're stuff, to frame, and make you hush
‘Cause satan hate the Lord, it don't make sense, with all this ancient
Stuff, pages up, that's taken, if the faith can pave the way for trust
It's mainly just a window, anytime I'm great, such hate on us...
Afraid to cuss, because your pain, be used to bring a plus
To satan, plush campaigns to take and fade what grace He gave to what
Have loveth Him, some want security, to do what's wrong
And know it, if you're loved, satan furiously, pursue your soul
To hold, just to mold, and absorb, even if you didn't know
Such don't care about your age
Just the good that He
Behold, even using that for mammon, when it should be used
For more
Until it's rightful place abandoned, for some good to be untold
Misportray the pain as manic so the good can be controlled
Wasn't even close to finish, but I would if things had shown
I'm not fearing any evil like I'm hood but Jesus owns me
Plus some patterns so consistent, ain't new, but even so
I grew,but just through YHWH's power, ain't cheating, what copy sour
Hours, seasons, freezing, scorch even
Persecution, had more meaning, that's more reason...
My Lord speaking
Need somebody to ward with me
No score keeping
Just more reading Scripture, ain't trying to force deepness
Nor schemings, the Lord is my Light, still, like before legions
Formed, and dreams abhorred, it seem I snore
But just was overpowered, YHWH is my Helper
Is my treasure
And my faith remain, plus need a real woman
Not someone that can't relate
I'm not within assimilations, made to frame, so satan gains...
I'm still faithful though
I been through many ages slain
When no face would grace
My soul
It'd take it's toll but Weh' is great!
Some looked for reasons way before to later to stage my pain
Misrepresent the present time to override the things that
And I ain't talking recent, years and years, such things remained
Racism had been a factor even when I ain't embrace...
This ain't attached to that, illegal since some traps that's past
Respect for what is of the Lord
And not for what had blasphemed Him, the Spirit
Some connections show a takedown, but don't know the why
My testimonies just as good, don't get why some just want me dying
Because of Christ, the only proven thing, that's not some loathesome lie
That some influences create to kill what envy roam their minds...
And that's one reason why my life is getting roast alive
Just guilty of being talented
They lie with things that don't comprise of what my character consist
What's did to me is thrown on Christ
And this has been one long timeline
Not broke a part like
Jokes, when I, behold the Scripture, show the Scripture

But on another note
Evidence is being overridden to carry out antichrist and racists agendas
Against a known follower of Christ and saint
And some who doing these evils
Against me, almost daily, pretend to not know

Wake up believers, the time is upon us

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