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Two people meet they get on well they become friends they start to see each other more. They star to date they do the things that couples would. Then that fateful night the first kiss they loose themselves in each othe. Lost in each oothers souls, intwined with each other. Going strong now a few months, he whispered those 3 words into her ear. She stares into his eyes as if searching inside for anysense of doubt within him she sweetly but softly says those 3 words back. Now stronger than ever they are in love so they think, but if so why do the petty arguments happen, why do envy and jealousy come into play. The trust they have built up over such a long time just crashes and burns. Now they are no longer togetha seperated. Broken harted alone as they desperatly search to find those feeling in another, but they wont they cant, they have have realised love is just a momentery feeling where the heart tricks the mind making you belive that it will last forever when it never does, all must come to an end. LOVE is it REALLY worth IT.

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