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I opened my eyes to find myself
In a long corridor – the world.
At the end of it, I saw
Something shining bright
Was it what they called the sun?
How lovely? Could I touch it?

My merry little laugh echoed
And I – the infant, was scared.

I slowly crawled forward
- me, a toddler then
Time went by
Seeing me hold on to the walls for support
Till I could stand upright.

The walk became a run
As the brightness was getting near
“I need it – It is mine”
Said the adamant boy- me
Knowing no good, no bad
But that the world was big and wide.

I went on
Falling and rising
Over troubles on my way
Nearer to the glow
- now brighter than before.

I quickened my pace
And stood in disbelief
I had reached there at last
Where there was brightness all around.

A moment’s thought
- I was enlightened
Now a man – me

The light was my life’s goal
And I had realized it.

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From the toddler stage to the growing man, this poem speaks well of the experience of an individual.