Poem By Kendell Cochrane

I do not want
To die today,
That fact is big,
For me,
In a world where
I can feel things
Just as well as I can see.

I know I've got
A madness although
Harmless I'll admit,
These multicoloured thoughts
Are not so subtle
When they hit.

I do not need
Prescription pills,
I've waltz'd with them before,
The thought alone,
So numbing,
I've barricaded that door.

I'm here to find
A calmness,
My promise, if you will,
Whether upon rough waters
Or in bed where
I lay still.

Sifting through emotions,
Finding gold in every scoop,
From love to short lived friendships,
They fall under the same group;
Of people who have
Helped me become
Who I am today,
Whether here or there
I'm grateful we connected
In some way.

I know life's a long journey
Where self trueness
Is a must,
And decisions, sometime painful,
Need unquestionable trust.

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