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Lots and lots of explanations,
Stood on the bank They praised
About the depth of the Ocean;
(in many - ‘isms) but
followed escapism.
Described It as romantic,
Aesthetic, melody, heaven…
Without tasting;
Without tying the knot they
Are untying the knots of it,
Unaware of its rhythm they
Sung in praise of it
They taught the art of it! ! !
But… It is something to feel in real -
The mixture of sweet and sour
The music of sobs and laughs
With the sympathy of love and anger
With the rhyme of child's chuckling
And sweet tensions, dreams, hopes what all?
Saints are those who feel all these …
Easy is to preach… but to experience…

* they: saints who preaches on life
* -isms: different philosophies

by Viju Vasanth

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