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Realities To Myth
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Realities To Myth

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Never take anyone's kindness,
As a sign of character weakness.
With this condoned to believe,
Being disrespectful...
Like many choose to do,
Proves them immuned...
From revealing themselves to be fools.

Never accept those thoughts to have.
Or think someone else has never had,
Been to places to have their faces spit upon.
Or walked among racists.
Barking disgraceful epitaphs.
And alone to hear their demonic laughs.

Never accept from one who shows,
Sincerity to give it with interest expressed.
With this then to return,
Suspicion with ignorance.
To not consider...
Being repaid by feelings of regret.

And regret to experience,
After time has passed...
To reminisce remembering someone like this,
Stays on one's mind making attempts to forget...
A taking from another,
Thought to be nothing but full of...
What others make claims someone like this is.
Although discovered too late,
A displacement of that narrative.
And a 'reality' maligned to instigate a truth.
Not around to be found or proof to produce.

Leaving this myth to fix,
Like other myths to wish exist!

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