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EB ( / Earth)


Concious is my world
Yet everything I see
Dwells in that part
That always is
In front of me

How is it that if I believe
In what Charles Darwin found
Evolution in one look
Lets not me look around

Or could it be, if he was right
That Man evolved to see
The only place his world exists
In front (Well, visually!)

For evolution we are told
Amazing things has done
To leave this Earth inhabited
By creatures which have won

Because they propogated
The equipment life required
Extreme and complicated
To survive was their desire

This being the case, the losers found
Much to their disadvantage
Three legs were not as good as four
For hanging onto branches

As some grew tails like shepherds crooks
They hung on even better
But those without soon downward fell
Becoming someones supper

So if evolution does permit
Such changes to convention
Why does Man have just two eyes
When his world has three dimensions?

In all the evidence I have seen
In life forms that abound
It seems your given what you need
At least that I have found

Which brings me to the point of this
Epistle I have wrote
There cannot be a need to see
Behind my back I note

History would tell us though
That this is not exactly true
As many things can come from there
Suprises 'from out the blue'

So why did evolution stop
To leave Man so unguarded
With no eyes at the back of his head
By Lions quite poorly regarded

Is that because theres nothing there
Until he looks around
When suddenly, it all appears
In front, from out the ground

But then he finds what was in front
Has now gone out his mind
In vision it does not exist
For now it is behind!

I would not say that all my world
Projected is from me
Expanding as my eyes traverse
Creating what I see

But surely after all this time
If Charlie boy was right
I should have eyes all round my head
With which the world to sight

The fact that this is not the case
Discomforting I find
It leaves me with this nagging doubt
That all is in my mind

For could it be that I am part
Of some computer game
Advanced beyond conception
Reality it's name?

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Comments (3)

Really Interesting: Reality x Past x Future ~ Believing only on your vision trapping the mind into a restless reality :) - Truth is I can relate to that very much so...since a little girl...However, I am growing up :) So I rest on accepting not to understand EVERYTHING :)
Wow! The theme of this poem is really interesting and above all, it is original, the way you convey your message is very good. The messasge is poetic and to the poinit. Best regards from one writer to another.
Really enjoyed your poem it is wonderful! I love its 'patter' and your theme is interesting. Please write more!