JPN (Jan.1945 / Bihar, India)


Why it always seems,
that the grass is greener on other side,
why it always seems,
That Everyone is happier than we are.

Why it always seems,
that the daily rituals make us dull and grey,
why it always seems,
that the problems seem not so far away.

Why does it always seem,
that the distant drums have sweet melody,
why does it always seem,
that the goals and destinations are always so far away.

Why don't I search my soul,
To discover that the realities are harsher than the sweet imaginations,
Why don't I try to discover the fact,
That the life survives on the moments of truth.

Why don't I play my own off beat drum,
To console myself with some incremental achievements,
Why don't I plant my own garden,
To appreciate and love the beauty of even unfinished garden.

Why don't I bridge the distance between our hearts,
To find that reality is more enduring than the mirage of love,
Why don't we connect with someone with a smile,
Than just wonder how sweet the other person could be..

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