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AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


Poem By AHO Speaks


The world is sunny and bright
Lift up your head for everything will be all right
Don't be disappointed or have chargrin
You have the capability to start all over again.

Pay no mind to those that think they know it all
Smile once in a while for life is really a ball
Carry your cause as far as you can
But remember they are like you; just another human.

If you don't succeed the first time around
Continue; for victory will come in a leap and a bound
It may not be today or tomorrow or really very soon
Have faith, hope and trust; for it is almost high noon.

The time of day when things seem to stand still
Waiting to hear the call of the whipporwill
Sing the song they all want to hear
A song of love and truth and all that is dear.

Don't be despondent or waste the day
Lift up your head, open your heart and say
'Thank you my friend for doing what you could
I guess its up to me now; to do what I should'.

10-26-05 Aho Speaks

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