Poem By Robert Edgar Burns

What happened to the moral absolutes,
My generation was raised up on?
Don't look for them in the Congress,
They are a long time gone!

The people held all the power
Until the end of the century past.
But that has also disappeared,
The thing we most needed to last.

The Senate and the foolish House
Pass new laws with a chance to stick,
But nine kings in black robes
Can overrule any law quite quick.

They only need a quorum.
Of nine justice's they need just five.
And to call them Supreme is a fallacy,
None deserve that name who are alive!

I learned of checks and balances
While in school when morality ruled.
But the scales of justice have rusted,
And are taught no more in schools.

So why do we need a Congress?
Let the robed ones do it all!
Why fight the fight at the lecterns,
When their dealings will be overruled?

Let's fire them all and shut them down
And let them struggle like all the rest.
To give them a dose of reality,
To find something better, let it be a test.

We don't even need a President.
The Chief Justice can have that chair.
That's where the corruption started.
Slam your gavel judge and try to be fair!

Comments about Reality

I enjoyed reading this poem. Many people in leading positions have indeed very few morals. I do not think it has ever been very different than this. It is becoming slowly different now however. Because there is a silent revolution of kindness on its way (as expressed in my poem poetry and history) It will make all greed unnecessary and look as ridiculous as it really is. I have a poem titled reality as well (on my third page)

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