Poem By Alphonzo Ellis

Opening my eyes to you in a endless fall

Door to door in search of peace

Torn by grief in my belief

I look up sometimes just to see

Untold stories that brought silence

Standing alone in reality eyes

While the souls I interact with provides the time to lose my sane

Caught in the thoughts

So I deny the truth

Darkness calls because I always answer

Even though the result in life is worse than cancer

I hire a planner for each standard

See reality is what we see with our eyes

But all the mean while I see with my mind

In time I plan to harnest the mind

So reality follows behind

Comments about Reality

I like very much. W.O.W *giggles*. I expecily like the line Darkness calls because I always answer. This is so true because if we were to leave it alone it would die. Like all things that are not fed. Plz check out my work and tell me if you like it. Thanx

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