Poem By Zak Raz

A desire,
To be approved, to be recognized,
to be held for, in a place
that brings joy to those,
that matter most,
is such a pain

such a pain,
that just cannot be fulfilled,
in any way that you try,
to flourish, to strive,
failing again and again,
until you are just presumed to
fail even before your next effort.

I have stopped trying,
stopped thinking,
of any sort of approval,
since I realized,
The only one who I wanted,
to be satisfied of me the most,
didn't really need it,
perhaps never really wanted it.

His..grace, is too daunting,
His love, too...perfect.
as if,
i could just blossom,
with no sun to warm me,
no water to enrich me,
no recognition, to fulfill me
yet this flower, would still grow,
and I,
am nothing.

and joy, sorrow, disappointment,
all cease to be.
because what matters most,
is not me, or them anymore,
What matters,
is nothing,
and everything.
Everything, that amazes,
stupefies, and excites,
every nerve, and ever drop of blood,
and tears, every palpable,
feeling or thought,
that is in some part,
or full of wonders,
that He inspires,
and creates,
this illusion,

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