(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Night Of Love...

Hands tied, eyes shut, closed lies
Life in full bloom but breathin​g​ denied.
Couldn't fly, freedoms expired
Crawled into the bed that was occupied.

Waves in the air, air in the waves
Is it a part of the hollow inside?
Lost sweat, lost force in a haze
No heaviness on the leaf, no pride.

Hands tied, height feeling light
Inhaled darkness while being survived
Imagined daylight, imagined deprived
Eventually it's the dull silence of being fragile.

Revolting nerves, broken ships of hope floating aside
Dissolved in sweat between the sheets of desire
Means to the end, end with no means
Something, which we always agreed.

Hands Tied, Diminished sight
Forbidden love forgotten vibe
Lived one emotion, another died
Insatiable sensations, incorrigibly encouraged

Ropes will be cut, prices would be paid
Divvied up in two it will in half divide
We will wake up though,
….exhausted & side by side


Comments (2)

This really is well done, depth of thought, well-crafted. Impressive
Thank you Tiffany. Do you have relatives in the Bellingham area? I had an Etter family there as patients in the 80's. I will look at more of your poems, what I see so far looks very good. H