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Reality Bites

Reality Bites

Poem By broken soul.. No more

if life is cruel and unkind
id rather choose to be blind
so i wont see its harsh realities
then, i might be living in a bliss

if poetry is as simple as prayers
everyone could make their own
all their problems would be heard
then, they will never feel so alone

if love doesnt hurt so much
i might take my last chance
so i'll feel somebody's precious care
then, what i feel in my heart, i could share

if all these things, could all be true
then everyone doesnt have to feel so blue
but life and love always hurt us all
and poetry might not help at all

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i like the realistic content. How ever remember that closing your eyes to all that is unkind will not take away the pain and if poetry is your vent then that is they key to your own salvation :) Continue writing so you can mend your broken soul :) Peace Soul