Reality Check

Poem By Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

At the end of the tunnel,
there won't always be a light.
Maybe a tiny glow,
but it won't always shine so bright.
People won't always love you,
and they won't always support you.
It's just a fact worth knowing
as life keeps going.
When the world comes crashing down
pick yourself back up and don't frown.
Success is not guaranteed for all of us,
but it is within the reach of all of us.
Don't worry about a thing,
it does not exist anymore
so hold on to that wedding ring.
And happiness?
Ha, that's a funny word
who really achieves it
except for the singing bird?
Live, love, laugh
is that really a motto?
And where's the memories
if there are no photos?
Mistakes are doomed to happen,
so just forget about the 'could have been's'
For believe me when I say,
life f**ks us all
it's just a matter of knowing how to get up from the fall.

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