Reality Check

As I look around – my world seems so different!
Was I sleeping?
My mind is filled with questions that exist when woken from a dream.
Did any of it have any meaning?
Close friends – smiling – laughing – dancing.
Someone turned the lights on.
Faces became visible, once hidden behind masks worn to party!
Intentions of selfish greed attached to words which no longer
Disguise their obvious meaning.
The dark energy that surrounds each of their souls radiates,
Restricting and weighting, it suffocates every part of my being.
I then come to realize – I played my own part in this lie.
The choice was made – this game was over!
As the eradication began I could feel the weight lift slowly.
As I now head toward a vision of truth and reality.
The last negative people fall from my life.
I can now begin my new journey.


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