Reality Has Clipped My Wings

Poem By Meghan

all of the truth that chases me down and
swallows me whole in my dreams
regurgitates me for the coming day
to leave hope like shreds of ribbons
that i wear long as feathers
and it's rather sad to say
reality has clipped my wings
to keep my feet on the ground
and my head outta the clouds
I'd much rather enjoy the view above the trees
than to watch the garbage blow lifelessly in the streets
and think of a time when I can be free...

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generosity from your body has been drained
the honey sucked from a flower after an early morning rain
hath been replaced by a vile and putrid juice
when I look at you, I see a depserate life pleading for truce


I know if I put it that way
I would lose you
the way it is now
gives a little and takes a little

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love in my heart is surely sleeping
shunned by a harsh and distant sorrow
will find it's way in another tomorrow


a willow weeps in the glowing dawn
a baby moose and a placid fawn
have all slipped away into yesterday's gone
the sun once shone on dewey flowers

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