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Reality In Denial She Says

Writing a poem on reality
When she hasn't got a clue
She's mad at me for the lack of love
And the drugs I no longer do
I shut 'em all out for a reason
But to her it's just the drugs
How much could she possibly know
I don't chill with any thugs
She says she's watching me fall apart
And to a degree she's right
Breaking down from their cruelty
Wasting tears at night
I too believe drugs change who you are
And talents too can fade
But when there is no talent to begin with
That talent couldn't have stayed
Her voice is not just any other
Though it does get annoying at times
Clearly her voice has many convinced
So persuasive with her rhymes
Now she's saying she's scared, 'cause I don't give a shit-and only I can clean up this mess
And regardless of what is best for me
I really couldn't care less
She blames herself for not making this work
Then states that she has tried
Then what she sees as reality
She says has been denied
I've shut her out completely
I have not spoken with her in weeks
An imagination only goes so far
'Til the truth is what she seeks
And yes I have lied; she'd have hated the truth
And I'd hate to see her down
As a new years resolution this year
I've tried to change my life around
And only 'cause 'I Love Her'
I am trying to change my ways
No longer something that's permanent
Just a very long lasting phase
Reality is one thing
Denial is another
I admit where I went wrong you see
I'm nothing like your mother
For details on
This neverending brawl
Ask the talented poet
She will tell you it all

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