DM ( / British Columbia)

Reality In Denial

Dad, I'm a failure, I couldn't make it right,
The drugs and our differences are making us fight.
I tried to warn her like you did for me,
But no matter what I do, she refuses to see.
She's trying to avoid me, she won't come home for days,
She wouldn't be doing this merely to blaze.
She thinks I am stupid, but what she doesn't know,
Is that it's blinding her senses, and for that she will not grow.
I'm looking through a window, watching her fall apart,
And now from this point, I don't know where to start.
All of her decisions are based on an inbalance,
Because drugs will make you loose all your talents.
Now I have ruined what would have been great,
And now to come back, well... I think it's too late.
Only she can help herself and I really wish she cared,
Because of what has happened lately, I'm getting really scared.
If I wanted to die, I would overdose on drugs,
Just to send a message to her and her thugs.
So Daddy, I'm sorry, I really did try,
But when I put my foot down, I'll get another lie.
In conclusion, 'She Hates Me' and I can't go far from here,
But I see her like my mother and that's my biggest fear.
She doesn't even realize the outcomes of her choice,
To her it gets annoying cause it's just another voice.
So I am going away and may never come back,
Cause I will not stand around to see another on crack.
You are who you hang out with and you are your weakest link,
So I am sorry I will never be as good as you think.
As a result of her hatred, I have to go away,
So what happens from here, well.. I can only pray.

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