reality Is Life, But Life Is Not Real...

Poem By mehul sundip vithlani

Words beaten out of the frozen mouth are never remembered.
Memories as lovely as the moment when all sunflowers spring out in summer luxury are always thrown back into our knowledge luggage.
Songs are never remembered for a lifetime but memorised for sometime.
Money never stays behind but the reputation and the name that you carry as your prestige always sits near your doorstep as a welcome mat until death.
Love pulses your nerves and picks at your soul reminding you of the sorrows that your life holds at as a burden.
Your eye blinks at every note the wind peaks,
Your ear reacts to every sound that echoes and picks on your drum,
Your nose rubs the scent, aura and dust filled within the air,
Your heart bats, every second or so, your red-rose blood around your body,
Your limbs groove at every step that you are made to craft.
But all these die out with fun when all your senses are blinded and when you enter the most valuable place on earth, where there are unfulfilled dreams, desires and aims…
When light all around you dies out, only your soul leads you to the right direction.
The only reality is- beginning- middle- end- and then comes the freedom of your enslaved soul when it breaks through those bars of your beautiful but unreal body!

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Families have held hands praying to God for the safety of the child who is to come.
The sun rises, flowers spring out, birds fly high echoing eternal notes of bliss, cormorants lay their silky feathers furled on shimmering waters and clouds cluster together in a frenzy;
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When I was longing to hear your blissful voice plucking its joyous chords in the calm yet still air,
I heard no faith in your response yet the heart did not stop beating its hopes to enlighten the atmosphere.
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The sun has dipped in through the magenta horizon, slowly setting off the light of hope,
but my love for you is eternal, ever-growing, and immortal.
The sight, that was the aqua blue sky, has been dipped and blanched into darkness,
but my heart will repeatedly beat, thump thump, essence of its love.