TH (5-24-83 / MO)


guess i was wrong
i always am
some how i knew this wouldnt go on

always being mislead
maybe its something i said
or somthing wrong in this thing
a broken down machine
called a head

thought i knew a true writer
someone that could inspire
but all you became
was another passer-byer

my judgement in character has to be off
the friendship i offered must had not been enough
under this thick outer covering
we are not so tough

let my guard down, tried somthing new
became transparent for all to see
but all the understanding i gave you
still you couldnt grasp the real me

was anything you said real
or im i stuck in this dream world still
of the possibility that someone out there
can still feel

why must this be a give and take world
make a place free from obligation
some how turn this land into a place of endless creation
getting away from all the hate, anger, and frustration
no more hesitation
soon this will be a realization

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