Esoteric realities are round us
But we are too busy to notice.
In our hearts we feel estrangement
When we know too much.
There is loneliness
And irritation in our souls.
Black pictures from the past
Try to humiliate us -
You are not as good as you think.
Wake up man,
You are a nobody!
Stop! You're hurting me -
You are the one who are a nobody
Oppression is your game,
But you will fail.
Then tell me about your friends,
Do you have any?
I ought to. Am I not attractive?
Are you?
Think - they think you show off;
They do not appreciate you,
You are not of their clique.
You have never been.
Think. Resign yourself to fate
Or better still to reality.
You are just one poor loner.
Poor? But I dress rich.
Are you rich?
Am I not? You tell me
You would be rich
But where is the money?
Some in the bank...
Where else?
I laugh at you, Sam -
You are too young.
You have no true friends;
You should have known that before now.
Things do not work that way,
You do not make life;
Life makes you.
Allow it. Just stay...
I will. I must.

by samuel nze

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