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you never would have known
you take one look at me and think im fine
but the truth is its all a lie.
just because it cant be seen
you deny the whole thing.
why deny?
whats happened, has happened.
theres no turning back time.
you start to think the 'what if's'
and 'I should have's'
but it cant be changed no madder
how hard you try.

over time you will start to think your fine,
but you will never become truly fine.
whats happened will always stay in your mind.
even tho you say you don't mind-
you do.
even tho people are looking at you,
you still from time to time feel blue.
but you still think well...some day...
NEWS FLASH! that some day is a no day.
no madder how fast you try
this is something I've come to realize.
My life is no lie.

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