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(really Old Poem Of Mine...) Breaking Up
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

(really Old Poem Of Mine...) Breaking Up

Let yur heart bleed out oh so steadily
See if I'll take yu back so readily
Let the pain become yu while yu breathe heavily
But yur in pain cuz yu left me selfishly
Not thinkin how it'd impact us both incredibly
But I've moved on to new and greater heights
You've moved on to lonely, sleepless nights
You're seeing gray, while I'm seeing sights
Shoulda thought of how yur actions created this
A reality where only one can feel perfect bliss
Now that it's gone, damn yu gotta miss
All the things I used to do for you
But now they're things I do to you
Now no man is as true to you
As I was each second we were together
But you're alone now, handle the bad weather.

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