DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Realms Unknown: Temple Of Radient Truth

A piercing light emits from the center of my vision,
At first the shades of blue confused me yet as I stared
Intently I gained deep insight into the nature of all I was seeing.

I perceived the source of our mothers healing, a temple of radiant light sublime,
With azure blue walls glistening with a thousand stones of infinite purity.
As I focused my vision further the lights center appeared as the inside peak
Of the highest spire known to the dreams of the Gods and from this point
The light began to pulsate as my entire body shook in knowledge
Of the presence of our most divine and eternal maker.

As I embraced my existence whole within the place
I felt the serene joy of a strengthened faith.
And I was born again through the resurrection
Born again from spiritual death.

Born into death upon a material plain I had been
Awoken from my slumber and shook, shook with the
Might of Hercules from my position in an oh too
Comfortable asylum sanctuary.

Now as I gaze upon the green of Merlin’s Isle
I understand the wonder of our forefathers
Dreams as they searched to make there home
In the forest night. Now through the temple of
Radiant healing we may feel the world as real
And as beauty in one, we may embrace the sun
As we may embrace the moon, just as we may blush
When kissed my the lips of Penelope.

Adorned to suit the pleasures of Adonis
She treasures the love of masculine spirits
Yet dances wild with her feminine nature,
She loves one and all and all the same through
Summertime green through winter rain
For she knows the joy of cycles turning,
just as she knows the joy of loves ever present
Burning within a heart built upon the foundations
of a desire to know a world of truth.
In the shadows not far beyond the reach
of the temples bells awaits a hooded figure,
Cloaked in an obscure darkness and emitting
the most unstable yet securing of atmospheres,
The figure appears to be female yet it may be
because my desire would have it so.
She offers a sphere of the richest light,
Apollo shines here but also do the fires
Of a cartoon hell, transformation is promised
By this offering, the offer to change
And to know old forms as familiar in
Memory but strange to know as oneself.
She offers within the sphere of her knowledge
The wings to sail beyond the world,
Just as she directs you towards the Woodland
Kings and there terrestrial thrones,
He awaits in the shadows, cooling down from
A days work upon his land, for many years
Now he hath been crafting the mask of true dreaming,
and finally as the three suns set upon the horizon
He placed the wings of the moon upon the mask
And let it sour towards its destination unknown,
This mask may seek you in many forms, sometimes wore
By the face of the storm that gathers and breeds foreboding,
Yet at other times Apollo shall wear the mask of truth
And so shall the world be radiant from the deepest crevices
Of the dankest caves. Into the cavernous womb of some metallic
Construct you may run from the Sun all-knowing,
Yet you will not find darkness that will comfort you when in a
Fear of True wisdom you run, take upon your crown the wings
Of the moon if you consider yourself to shine wholly and never reflect,
Take upon the reigns of Apollo’s chariot if you consider
That you may never shine yourself but only reflect the dreams of others

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