CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Reaper (C) 3-13-2013

Death... Its been so long since you've visited me...
Your cold embrace coolin my burning soul
I miss your touch, your offer to free me from pain is tempting
But you know how much I love surprises.
Come to me when I'm not looking
Capture me when my eyes are closed
But stay close to me... Please
The heartbreak that's overtaken me is unbearable
The responsibility bestowed upon is for someone strong
I like to believe I'm strong, I pretend I can handle it
And even when I beg God for answers
My prayers are ignored.
The wage sin pays is death and life gives no grants
So I beg you to strip me of my debt
Please stay close to me because life is always so far away
But if you leave, next time you visit, I hope it's for good...

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I love it it speaks of the sweet suduction of death such a cold and dark place yet so warm and welcoming at the same time.