Psychopath 2 - Deliverance

I remain in the dwell of the fear of the unidentified
An embodiment of the hungry and the never pacified
Starved of the luxury and donation of your frame
The boredom of your salvation in this irreconcilable game

Cometh to be the release of your fleshed entirety
The gratitude in your screams to purge your unity
With the pains of a lifetime before your final torture
Upon the crimson entrance of your enforced inertia

So much so you’re paraplegic under restraint of my desire
As the needle pushes through the skin reaping the fire
As the gagged screams are the chorus of my rejoicing
To sway the little dance in chords of your suffering

Brought forth of my erection as such is of the sight
That I may cum into the thrill of your delivering light
As I may look upon your hallowed eyes so very wide
So much expression when I cut from side to side

Oh how I wish to be so much more exemplified in pain
Today I have become the luxury of your haunted disdain
Ensuring now the education that you are not safe
But no fear dear child in screaming of the scalpel’s chafe

Don’t beg me with your crying to remove the gag
I could not bear to hear my ever merciful inner lag
I have saved you and now you are free in death
First one small detail, a kiss to taste your final breath

by Vision Ghost

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