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Life becomes beautiful,
Colorful, wonderful,
Blissful & cheerful
When we find a reason...
A reason to smile,
A reason to cry,
A reason to fight,
A reason to try,
A reason to scream,
A reason to dream,
A reason to see,
A reason to feel,
A reason to live,
A reason to die...

Hold on to a reason
That sings in your heart
That gives u hope n never leaves u apart..
A reason that frees and
Never binds
A reason that dispels darkness
N always gives light....
A reason to be the
Grandeur that u r...
A reason to light the
Milky Way like a star...

Thank God for the reasons that
I m blessed with in my life…
For unconditional love that they offer,
Without asking for any bribe…

Bless the world to see the reasons strewn in their path…
Always giving the courage to make a new start
Bless the vision n the intellect n the conscience
That helps get close to you in all times...…

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Comments (3)

Beautiful. Shwetha, in the process, you have found a reasons to write a peom very nicely.
Very nice. Reason is a product of the human mind and probably the fountainhead of all human actions.
you reason very well in bringing out your thoughts and message in your write... and good word play to assist you there...well composed piece...10