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FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)


Poem By Francis Utada

How could you just stand there
Let the wind blow passed you
If only there’s something I can do
I let you feel the warmth embrace

Tears behind your smiling face
I could feel you inside in my heart
I even cry with you while we laugh
Let me show you what this is all about

Gently open your eyes don’t look back
The road is not here for no reason at all
We cross because there’s a reason to be
And look for that reason and you’ll see

Couldn’t wait for too long, I must move
Tomorrow someone might take you away
But how could I when I’m invisible to you
Color the wind and love will bloom

Don’t took any step yet just listen
I may have stumble in the past, yes I did
But to you the tune is different, melody is sweet
Is it just a coincidence or the one we are waiting for

Would you let this moment pass
Would you just dream and never reach the reality
You know there’s something here between us
But I know there’s something you should do

So let me in for awhile
Feel your warmth embrace
Touch your lips just once
Live this dream for a moment
For all I ask is for just a time

A time that would last forever

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wow nice poem.its really touch my heart. keep it up...........thanx for this cute poem,