Reason Anger: The Way Life

Poem By ashok jadhav

My dear,
We can create distances only,
The reason is an anger,
But we cannot bind the hearts,
And the souls relations friendly.
Courage is needed to mend the broken souls
And an experience is needed to gather a courage
If you are in anger or enraged by someone,
Then the passion to take revenge arouses in us,
And the feeling of revenge/vengeance
Gives birth to hatefulness,
And hatefulness can make,
Blood enemy of two good friends,
And bloodshed is brought,
And an anger and hate are an air,
Which can caught a fire,
And there comes a sweeping change in lives,
And hate is a river flooded with blood,
A wise men go pationlty,
And overcomes anger intelligently, And deals rudeness boldly,
Faces cruelty courageously,
And comes out of brilliantly,
And makes decisions thoughtfully,
And goes gets victimised,
By feelings of hate and anger,
And his cherished will finds a way,
A way to peaceful life,

My dear,
We are the sculptor of our own ideal character,
And feeling vengeance is a poison,
And compassion a juice immortal,
Show mercy and forgive others,
And pardoning is a scheptre of great,
And peace is not kept by force,
But understanding is of course,
Drink insult and dip for search,
Take a lesson from an experience,
Because experience is a good teacher,

Don't give birth to an anger,
An anger and hate in mind,
If you then go and express,
Tell them yours openly,
Put your problems honestly,
Admit mistakes if there are,
And ask for mercy if you can,
And you would be forgiven easily,

My dear,
Anger is root cause of grief,
And hate is reason of sufferings,
The cause of sorrow,
And the cause happiness,
Itself dwells within our mind,
Search in there in your heart
Whether you want to be happy,
Or you want to regret grievances.

Your Cartoon dear.

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