Reason For The Weather

Poem By Monica L. Bennett

The sunshines bring the day shines with
Praises and joy.
Listen to the sky.
Bleach the air as its wash and the singing
Birds flew while its wings get clean and smooth
Enjoy the sightseeings.
Tearful of rain express its joy or anger with a loud
Noises that strike itself.
The earth has been shaken.
God loves us so much as He will walk with us.
Be thankful.
Be rather skiing while you're a thrill!
Snow is pleased while they are whiter with a charm
And tried to be shiny.
Taste the snowcones.
Snow didn't remember any shiny as snow leaves them icy.
Snow is asleep as they rest on the ground.
Ice froze with a snore in silence.
Heat may have a tough question.
The horses could smell the water in a far away dry land.
How hard the sun thinks of summertimes?
Earth is hard to reach and I am stretching out for energy and fun.

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Monica, I just read your poem 'Reason for The Weather' I really like it. That is one of your best. email me at:

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