Reason Has Silenced Passion

Poem By William Jackson

The well spring has run dry;
my muse has abandoned me.
Reason has silenced passion.

And while I will not openly shed a tear,
the truth remains for all to see;
I loved you once without reservation.

And though I no longer write about you,
every second, of every minute, of every hour
thoughts of you still haunt my waking and my dreaming.

Comments about Reason Has Silenced Passion

Liking this one too!
W, you've done it again (as per a comment I made yesterday or the day before) . To know this feeling is... oh... something. Something brilliantly articulated by you here. This goes down as a favourite for me. And, I suspect, for somebody else. t x
Sometimes you really have to do what they say...and move on...though inveterating passion & true romance is hard to come is harder to get it from out of your mind once you've tasted.......Great write, Bill...Good to see you d on a visit to my work...Don't be a stranger... F. j.R.

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